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Truestar Home Inspection

Home Inspection Services

At True Star Home Inspection Services our home inspections are designed to be comprehensive yet make your home buying or selling experience as stress-free as possible. By conducting a thorough examination and analysis of its major systems, we can answer any home inspection questions you may have about the home's condition and recommend home improvements.

Home Inspection for Sellers (Pre-listing)

Selling your Home?

Pre-Listing home inspections are becoming one of Truestar Home Inspections most requested services.

Many people think that they should only have a home inspection conducted when they are purchasing a home, however, as a Seller, having your home inspected by a professional home inspector prior to putting it on the market is a valuable tool allowing you several advantages.  A pre-listing home inspection will allow you to see any existing deficiencies or safety issues present in your home at the time of the home inspection which can then be repaired in advance or disclosed to potential buyers. The home inspection may reveal underlying problems that you are not aware of so you can price the house to reflect the condition, or you can decide to make home improvements for a higher return.  This will allow the potential buyers to better understand the condition of the property and give them the confidence to move forward with an offer to purchase.



Home Inspection Benefits for Home Sellers


Having TrueStar Home Inspections Services conduct your pre-listing inspection offers the Seller the following benefits:


Your home will often seller faster.

Buyers have more confidence in the home's condition knowing you are not hiding information.

A proper home inspection prepares you in advance to respond to buyer concerns.

Buyer is often less likely to negotiate on the price.

TrueStar Home Inspection Services will offer your buyer a discount for their pre-purchase inspection following acceptance of their offer to purchase, lessening the chance of any surprises. 

 The buyer is also invited to have an Onsite Review at a reduced cost that provides insight for the buyer, provides the buyer with a complete home inspection report and creates a contractual relationship with the home inspection company. (Buyers should be advised that without the Onsite Review, the home inspection company remains responsible only to the seller.

Home Inspection for Buyers (Pre-purchase)

Before buying your dream home, get your own unbiased home inspection to help make an informed decision and negotiate the very best price. Our goal is to report on the condition of the house, indicating potential repairs and expenses. It will help you prioritize any improvements and reduce the risk of costly surprises in the future.

Ultimately, we will leave it to you to decide whether or not to buy the house. The home inspection is very important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle and only you know all of the factors at play.

Housing Inspection for Seasonal Agricultural Workers

Have your housing accommodations certified prior to the arrival of your temporary foreign workers to B.C. Following the mandatory criteria we will examine and report on the exterior, interior, heating, lighting, ventilation, accommodations and safety of your property. The report will include an inspection for providing clean and sanitary conditions. Specific concerns should be addressed on site before the housing inspection.

For information on how to prepare a safe and comfortable living environment to meet the specific BC guidelines and retain good workers for future seasons, see the following links on the Government of Canada website.

Truestar Home Inspection Extended Support 
Our services don't end with the home inspection. For as long as you own the home, you can call with any additional questions at no extra charge!

Thermal Imaging and Moisture Testing Equipment

Thermal imaging aids are used in our inspections to help locate potential water damage around the home. The thermal camera is used to detect temperature variances in a non-evasive process. Finding issues with mold, leaky pipes, and overheating electrical components now can help save money and the development of more serious damage in the future.

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