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Truestar Home Inspection

Here are some comments from a few of our satisfied home inspection customers.

Pat K- October 2016

Truestar Home Inspection Services    

We were very pleased with the home inspection performed by Tom Pape of  Truestar Home Inspection Services.   Mr. Pape was flexible with his time and accommodated our request for the inspection in a timely and convenient schedule.   This was important as it it impacted our decision to buy the house.  Mr. Pape was not intrusive when fulfilling the tasks of the inspection. He left the areas of the house he inspected neat and clean.  I greatly appreciated the thoroughness of his inspection.  He patiently explained all the most important systems of our home. For example, he explained and used excellent graphics, demonstrating how the roof drain pipes need to be extended in order to minimize the possibility of water leakage into the basement.  He provided a summary of the condition of each system, i.e., heating system, and any aspects that should be fixed or changed.   The summary of each system permitted us to evaluate whether or not to purchase the house as it gave a good indication of the condition,  and costs that may be incurred.  The Home Inspection Report was extensive, in fact, it is over 80 pages. The graphic images and pictures certainly made the explanation much clearer.  I learned a lot from Mr. Pape. His patient, knowledgeable, and thorough evaluation of the house made our decision to purchase much clearer.  I would recommend Mr. Pape of Truestar Home Inspection Services.

Jan 22, 2017- Stuart M , White Rock, BC


Tom has helped me a number of times with construction and renovation type projects.

Being a professional engineer and a licensed home inspector and personally experienced

in many different renovation projects he is someone who has tons of practical hands on

experience. I've known Tom for many years and would recommend Tom to anyone to

 provide a top notch service