• Affordable Mobile Homes: The Truestar Guide

    The Truestar Guide to Affordable Mobile Homes on BC's Sunshine Coast 

    Are you in pursuit of an affordable housing solution amidst skyrocketing property prices? Mobile homes and manufactured homes have become a popular choice due to their cost-effective nature. While their affordability is enticing, making an informed decision is crucial. Before you commit, consider the wisdom of having a home inspection conducted by a certified professional or, even better, a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in your area.

    The Importance of Inspection

    The naked eye can often miss significant issues lurking beneath the surface. That's where a thorough inspection becomes invaluable. Here are some key questions to ponder:

    1. Home Modifications: Has the mobile home undergone any additions? If so, were proper permits obtained for the work done? A certified inspector can uncover hidden risks associated with these changes.

    2. Roof Structures: Has an additional roof been constructed over the original one? This can affect the home's structural integrity, and a professional can assess its impact.

    3. Porches and Decks: Are there any attached porches or decks? These features can be susceptible to wear and tear, and their stability needs careful examination.

    4. Interior Expansions: Have exterior walls been removed to expand interior spaces? Such modifications should be inspected for quality and safety.

    5. Crawlspace Assessment: Can the inspector access the crawlspace? This is crucial, as many potential issues reside here, and a comprehensive inspection can reveal hidden problems.

    6. Exterior Upgrades: Have any exterior upgrades, such as HardieBoard siding, been added? A skilled inspector can assess the workmanship and its impact on the home's condition.

    7. Interior Renovations: Have there been changes to the interior, such as drywall installation, new solid counters, bathroom tiles, or flooring? Inspections will uncover the quality and safety of these modifications.

    8. Electrical Work: Has any electrical work been carried out on the home or its additions? Ensuring it meets safety standards is paramount.

    If any of these questions receive a "YES" as an answer, it's time to exercise due diligence and address these matters before finalizing your home purchase. Please note that these are just a few examples, and your certified home inspector will delve into various aspects to provide you with a comprehensive assessment.

    At Truestar Home Inspection Services, we take pride in being leaders in the industry. Our Certified Master Inspectors bring unparalleled expertise to every inspection, ensuring that your investment is well-protected. Don't leave your home's condition to chance; let Truestar be your trusted partner in making informed decisions about your future.