• Truestar Home Inspections: Ensuring Radon Safety on BC's Sunshine Coast

    Will your home be vacant for a 48 hour period this Summer?  If so, contact us today to schedule your Radon Check!Source of Image - SFU Citizen Scientist Project for Radon GasMore Info HERE from Health Canada 
  • Affordable Mobile Homes: The Truestar Guide

    The Truestar Guide to Affordable Mobile Homes on BC's Sunshine Coast Are you in pursuit of an affordable housing solution amidst skyrocketing property prices? Mobile homes and manufactured homes have become a popular choice due to their cost-effective nature. While their affordability is enticing, making an informed decision is crucial. Before you commit, consider the wisdom of having a home inspection conducted by a certified professional or, even better, a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in your area.The Importance of Inspection
  • Why Hire a CMI for Your Biggest Investment?

    When it comes to your most significant investment – your home – you wouldn't trust just anyone, would you? That's where a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) steps into the spotlight. Picture this: Your home is the star of your life's show, and it deserves the very best supporting cast. That's where a CMI shines. Here's why:
  • A Wise Investment in Sechelt Real Estate

    Congratulations on the purchase of your dream home! You've taken a significant step in securing a place where memories will be made and experiences cherished. To ensure that your dream home remains a sanctuary of comfort, it's essential to consider the following key aspects:
  • Pre-Inspected Homes

    10 Compelling Reasons to Hire Truestar for our Pre-Inspected Content Creation Package when Selling your Property1Comprehensive Presentation: By getting a pre-inspection and content creation done together, you can present the property in a comprehensive and well-documented manner. This helps potential buyers gain a clearer understanding of the property's condition, features, and overall value.
  • Home Inspection Links and Resources

    Here are a few links that will help you with taking care or selling your home.The premier association for home inspectors in Canada  formerly CAPHI is now HIABC -(Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia)http://hiabc.caFor additional Home Inspection information , check out the the site belowhttp://internachi.com

    With the winter now upon us and in BC it has been a particularly unusual one where snow came and didn't go. For us on the "Left Coast" , we do not know what to do with all the white stuff. Furthermore our homes are not built to handle the chilly weather.I know what all you folk in the rest of Canada are thinking. "Just don't say it.But there are simple ways to offset the heat losses and Save Money on Home Energy. Here are some tips'
  • We are Deck People Here on the Westcoast

    We all love our decks and can't wait to get out on them in the sunshine and have barbeques, cookouts and parties.But here's the question:How safe is the deck?We never think about that when we are snapping caps and embibing in a Mohito do we?When I do house inspections the major systems are considered and inevitably "Life Expectancy" is stated.
  • What You Need To Protect Your Family From Deadly Carbon Monoxide?

    Some facts to consider.When we think of Carbon MonoxidePoisoning with think about cars being left running in the garage for aprolonged period of time . But the reality is that Carbon Monoxide (CO) isactually a by-product of combustion whether from a car, a wood fireplace, gasappliances and/or furnaces. The important requirement is effective venting ofthe Carbon Monoxide .Whether out the chimney or by opening the home's doors ,ventingneeds to happen.

    Just as all Real Estate Professionals embark on an exhaustive process to become licensed so to do Home Inspectors. Allow me to elaborate:The process begins with registering for a recognized academic course offered either through a local educational institution (College) or as I did through virtual classroom learning through Carson Dunlop. Carson Dunlop actually wrote the book on Home Inspections. They are Home inspectors themselves so they " walk the walk ".