• We are Deck People Here on the Westcoast

    We all love our decks and can't wait to get out on them in the sunshine and have barbeques, cookouts and parties.

    But here's the question:

    • How safe is the deck?
    • We never think about that when we are snapping caps and embibing in a Mohito do we?

    When I do house inspections the major systems are considered and inevitably "Life Expectancy" is stated.

    We look at windows and roofing as having a life expectancy but we don't usually state "Life Expectancy" with decks probably because we consider it integral with the house. But it's not. The deck may have been replaced at some time because exposed wood rots, period. It is just a matter of when.

    I am very sensitive to this issue and ensure that I have spent a good amount of time examining the deck system.my inspection goes far beyond the ascetics of a great looking deck to thinks as fundamental as "How is it fastened to the house?" It makes a significant difference.

    Below is a video interview the highlights my concerns .

    This is food for thought.

    Wouldn't you agree.

    Please access the video interview below.

    Now go out and enjoy the long summer days.