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  • Throughout Tom's tenure as a Certified Master Home Inspector (CMI), we have noticed a growing demand for Mold Inspections. Recognizing the importance of addressing this need, We are thrilled to announce Tom's recent graduation from the Professional Mold Inspection Institute. Armed with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques, We are fully equipped to handle inquiries related to mold in your home.

    Mold Inspection Options to Suit Your Needs 

    In addition to offering comprehensive home inspections, we understand that some homeowners may specifically require mold inspection services. For those seeking standalone mold inspections, we offer a specialized service priced at $249. Alternatively, for clients who opt to include mold inspection as an add-on to a regular home inspection, the fee is just $149. These options ensure that regardless of your specific needs or budget constraints, you can access high-quality mold inspection services tailored to your requirements. Rest assured, we are committed to providing transparent pricing and exceptional service to every client.

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  • Tom's graduate certificate indicating his commitment to excellence in mold inspection.